Development of a Spatial Path-Analysis Method for Spatial Data Analysis

Wiwin Sulistyo, Subanar Subanar, Reza Pulungan


Path analysis is a method used to analyze the relationship between
independent and dependent variables to identify direct and indirect
relationship between them. This method is developed by Sewal Wright
and initially only uses correlation analysis results in identifying
the variables' relationship. Path analysis method currently is mostly
used to deal with variables with non-spatial data type. When analyzing
variables that have elements of spatial dependency, path analysis
could result in a less precise model. Therefore, it is necessary to
build a path analysis model that is able to identify and take into
account the effects of spatial dependencies. Spatial autocorrelation
and spatial regression methods can be used to develop path analysis
method so as to identify the effects of spatial dependencies. This
paper proposes a method in the form of path analysis method
development to process data that have spatial elements. This study
also discusses our effort on establishing a method that could be used
to identify and analyze the spatial effect on data in the framework of
path analysis; we call this method spatial path analysis.


Path-analysis method Spatial data Soft Computing and Modelling

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