GPS & GSM Based Accident Detection And Auto Intimation

S.George Fernandez, R Palanisamy, K. Vijayakumar


The high demand of automobiles has also increased the traffic hazards and the road accidents. Life of the people is under high risk. This is because of the lack of best emergency facilities available in our country. An automatic alarm device for vehicle accidents is introduced in this paper. This design is a system which can detect accidents in significantly less time and sends the basic information to first aid centre within a few seconds covering geographical coordinates, the time and angle in which a vehicle accident had occurred. This alert message is sent to the rescue team in a short time, which will help in saving the valuable lives. A Switch is also provided in order to terminate the sending of a message in rare case where there is no casualty, this can save the precious time of the medical rescue team. When the accident occurs the alert message is sent automatically to the rescue team and to the police station. The message is sent through the GSM module and the location of the accident is detected with the help of the GPS module. 


GSM module; GPS module; Accident Detection; Automatic detection system; microcontroller.

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