International Journal of Public Health Science (IJPHS)

International Journal of Public Health Science (IJPHS) p-ISSN: 2252-8806, e-ISSN: 2620-4126 is an interdisciplinary journal that publishes material on all aspects of public health science. This IJPHS provides the ideal platform for the discussion of more sophisticated public health research and practice for authors and readers world wide. The priorities are originality and excellence. The journal welcomes high-impact articles on emerging public health science that covers (but not limited) to epidemiology, biostatistics, nutrition, family health, infectious diseases, health services research, gerontology, child health, adolescent health, behavioral medicine, rural health, chronic diseases, health promotion, evaluation and intervention, public health policy and management, health economics, occupational health and environmental health.

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Papers published in the quarterly journal (Mar, June, Sep and Dec).

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Jun 10, 2018 for Vol 7. No.3 Sep 2018
Sep 10, 2018 for Vol 7. No.4 Dec 2018
Dec 10, 2018 for Vol 8. No.1 Mar 2019
Mar 10, 2019 for Vol 8. No.2 Jun 2019

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Vol 8, No 2: June 2019

List of accepted papers

Table of Contents

Nurul Hidayah, Dwi Rahmawati
Total views : 133 times
Abrar Arbhiwa Tanguirsyaf Siregar
Total views : 94 times
muhammad Suhron, Ah Yusuf
Total views : 159 times
Lina Handayani, Arzani Arzani
Total views : 48 times
Rizma Syakurah
Total views : 21 times
Adeniyi Francis Fagbamigbe
Total views : 175 times
murdiningsih murdiningsih
Total views : 31 times
Amal Aboelnour, Manal Abuelela
Total views : 119 times
Abdu Oumer Abdu, Arif H. Hussein
Total views : 18 times
Abdu Oumer Abdu, Berhanu Abebaw Mekonnen
Total views : 26 times
Abdu Oumer Abdu
Total views : 21 times
Dyah Ristanti
Total views : 214 times
Titiek Hidayati, Akrom Akrom, Indrayanti Indrayanti, Sagiran Sagiran
Total views : 87 times
Abdu Oumer Abdu
Total views : 22 times
Ni Putu Wulan Purnama Sari, Jintana Artsanthia
Total views : 97 times
Anita Joeliantina, Oedojo Soedirham, Mangestuti Agil, M. Bagus Qomaruddin, Kusnanto Kusnanto
Total views : 94 times
Ni Putu Wulan Purnama Sari, MARIA MANUNGKALIT
Total views : 68 times
Ni Putu Wulan Purnama Sari
Total views : 18 times