Deep Belief Networks for Recognizing Handwriting Captured by Leap Motion Controller

Abas Setiawan, Reza Pulungan


Leap Motion controller is an input device that can track hands and fingers position quickly and precisely. In some gaming environment, a need may arise to capture letters written in the air by Leap Motion, which cannot be directly done right now. In this paper, we propose an approach to capture and recognize which letter has been drawn by the user with Leap Motion. This approach is based on Deep Belief Networks (DBN) with Resilient Backpropagation (Rprop) fine-tuning. To assess the performance of our proposed approach, we conduct experiments involving 30,000 samples of handwritten capital letters, 8,000 of which are to be recognized. Our experiments indicate that DBN with Rprop achieves an accuracy of 99.71%, which is better than DBN with Backpropagation or Multi-Layer Perceptron (MLP), either with Backpropagation or with Rprop. Our experiments also show that Rprop makes the process of fine-tuning significantly faster and results in a much more accurate recognition compared to ordinary Backpropagation. The time needed to recognize a letter is in the order of 5,000 microseconds, which is excellent even for online gaming experience.


handwriting; leap motion; deep belief network; accuracy; resilient backpropagation

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